7 Unsettling Signs That Ghosts Are Very Real ...

So, I've always known that ghosts are real;

I am pretty sensitive to them and I have the faith, but do you know what signs that ghosts are real you should be watching out for?

Have you ever felt a really cold spot in your home that isn't near a door or window – or that hasn't ever been cold before?

This is absolutely one of the signs that ghosts are real and that maybe, you should investigate a little more!

Not all ghosts are bad, it could just be your loved one checking on you!

1. Random Cold Spots Throughout Your House

By far, one of the top #signs that ghosts are real is all revolving around cold spots.

These are spots in your house that you've never thought of as cold before … and there is no explanation for it!

If you have random cold spots throughout your house, it could be because you have ghosts in your home that are lingering around!