7 of My Favorite Paranormal Blogs ...

Vampires, ghosts, goblins, witches and werewolves – oh my. Today, I just got done working on a batch of paranormal blogs. Each week, I try to give my readers on here 7 of the paranormal blogs that I have written. I make sure I do not overlap them – at least, I try my hardest not to post the same ones. Today, I want to give you another list – 7 of my favorite paranormal blogs.

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In this blog posting, I have included 5 spooky icons. Surely, you are interested in seeing the spooky icons that I have included. I will give you one of them and you will have to go see the rest. One of them on my list is the cobra. Aren’t you curious to know what other icons I have included on this list, besides the cobra? These are real life icons.

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