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8 Reasons to Believe in Aliens ...

By Jelena

This may sound crazy, but my fiancé actually claims he has seen a UFO. And you know what’s even crazier? I believe him! Now, I don’t think aliens are little green men with huge eyes but I really believe we are not the only life form in this universe. So here’s some things you need to think about before you say there is no way aliens or anything like that could ever exist.

1 Universe is Huge

Scientist say the universe contains about 100 to 130 BILLION of galaxies! Pretty huge, huh? Now imagine how many planets each and every one of those galaxies has and you’ll have no other option but to ask yourself a very simple, quite logical question – all those galaxies and only one habitable planet? Now, isn’t that a terrible waste of space?

2 Politicians Believe in Them

Former president of the United States, Jimmy Carter, has actually seen a UFO, president Reagan too. But let’s not forget the congressmen Dennis Kucinich, either. All these men had a chance to see and describe the strange, hovering object that just “stood there, as it was observing them”.

3 Our Planet is Not the Only “blue” Planet

Yup, our planet is definitely not the only one with oceans, trees and protective ozone layer. However, even if that was true - didn’t the evolution teach us that life forms evolve in order to be able to survive in their current environment? We breathe because our environment allows us to, we need water because we have means to get to it. Now, maybe, but only maybe, there is a specie out there than thinks there’s no way any life form would be able to survive on a planet that is so blue, just like we believe planets that are not blue don’t make an ideal habitat.

4 The Pyramids

Who made them? And how did they transport those huge, heavy blocks back then, when there was no cranes and other machines? And more importantly, why can’t we make pyramids now? We can build a space ship but not a pyramid?! Hmm…

5 The Bible Theory

Some people also believe the terms “Chariot of fire” and “Horses of fire” stand for a spaceship, while “going up to heavens” is how primitive men saw what we now call a “Spaceship launch”. If you search around a little bit, you can also see some very old paintings of baby Jesus in something that resembles a spaceship as well as many other things that are quite unusual for that period. I’m not saying it’s true but you never know…

6 Even Vatican Says It’s Possible

According to the director of Vatican’s Observatory, rev. Jose Gabriel Funes, believing in aliens doesn’t mean you don’t believe in God. Furthermore, if aliens existed, they would be God’s creatures too! As you can see, Vatican is pretty liberal about aliens and I somehow can’t help but wonder – Do they know something we don’t?

7 Leaked Government Documents

Have you ever heard of a thing called “Rockefeller’s Initiative”? According to these documents, a well-known billionaire had a couple of meetings will Bill Clinton, back in time when Bill was still a president of the United States. Why? To discuss publishing UFO related materials, of course. He obviously failed, because we still don’t know much about aliens and UFOs. But, who needs him when we have new secret government files leaking every day, right?

8 Evidence

Area 51? Roswell? Various UFO sightings? Abduction stories? Crop circles? I do think some of that information were fabricated but, come on, not all of them can be fake!

Do you believe in aliens? Do you know somebody that claims to have seen a UFO? I do believe we’re not the only life form out there, although I doubt seeing a real alien would ever be on my list of “must dos”. Thanks… but, no thanks!

Top Photo Credit: MJTR (´・ω・)

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