8 Weird Things That Fell from the Sky …


Sky had surprised the mankind many times in the past and, I’ll even take a risk of saying that we still haven’t seen the end of it. Strange, mostly gross things fell from our blue ceiling and, strangely, most of those freaky days weren’t even the cloudy ones! Here’s a few examples of those strange falls and, believe me, you definitely won’t have to hear about these on your weather channel!

1. A Cow

Okay, imagine this: You’re in your fishing boat, just fishing, minding your own business when suddenly, WHAM! A real, live cow comes sweeping out of the sky! Wacked, huh? Well, this is exactly what happened back in 1997 to a group of Japanese fishermen and their little trawler. The poor men were just doing their job, when something huge fell from the sky, causing their boat to sink. Was it a plane? Was it bird? A superman perhaps? Noooo! It was a cow! And according to some sources, she wasn’t alone. In fact, 23 other cows followed! This was, in fact, so strange that fishermen ended up in jail as the government believed they did this on purpose, to scam the money out of the insurance company. But, as it was discovered some days later, the whole event was a big accident after all –the plane that transported those cows was experiencing some problems and the staff had no other option but to open the cargo door and “unload” the mooing cargo into the ocean and onto the f

ishermen’s heads!

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