7 Crazy Scary Urban Legends That Are Perfect for Halloween ...


7 Crazy Scary Urban Legends That Are Perfect for Halloween ...
7 Crazy Scary Urban Legends That Are Perfect for Halloween ...

We all love to listen to those scary urban legends that we want to believe are true. Everyone has claimed they have happened to a “friend of a friend” so they must be true. But these urban legends have been circulating around America for quite some time. Regardless of if you think they are true or not, you have to admit, these are some pretty scary urban legends that you might not want to tell in the dark.

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Bloody Mary

This might be one of the most famous scary urban legends in America. Bloody Mary was an old witch who would use the blood of young girls to make herself young and beautiful again. When the townspeople found out what she had been doing, they burned her alive. There are so many variations of the story, it can be hard to find the original one. But one thing all of the stories have in common is that if you say “Bloody Mary” three times in front of a mirror, the ghost of Bloody Mary will appear and trap your soul in a mirror forever. Do you have the courage to try it?


The Hook

This scary story creeps into the back of my mind whenever I am driving down back roads. It is about a young couple who go to an outlook for a romantic night. They had heard reports of an insane killer with a hook for a hand who had escaped from a local prison. Once the couple had reached the outlook, the girl decided it seemed a bit dangerous to be out there alone with a killer on the lose so she encouraged her boyfriend to take her home. Soon after that, the car started moving as if something was shaking it. Terrified, the girl finally convinced her skeptical boyfriend to drive them home. When she arrived home, safe and sound, she screamed as she saw a bloody hook hanging from the side of her car door.


The Babysitter

This scary urban legend has been turned into a movie more than once, but that doesn’t mean its not true. A young babysitter spends her night in a big house looking after two children. A few hours after putting them to bed, she gets a mysterious call from a man asking, “Have you checked the children?” Only after a few more creepy calls does she alter the police. After they attempt to trace the call, she finds out that the man is calling from inside the house. What would you do in that situation?


The Clown Statue

This one also incorporates a babysitter. (Maybe this is why I never wanted to babysit in high school). A young babysitter is taking care of her family friend’s children for the night. She puts them to bed and begins to be creeped out by how big and empty the house is, and especially by this creepy clown statue in the children’s bedroom. She keeps checking up on them throughout the night but she can’t seem the get the clown statue out of her mind. She eventually calls the parents asking when they will be home. “I just feel weird alone in this big house, especially with that big clown statue in the kids room,” she says. The parents respond, “the kids don’t have a clown statue in their room”


The Licking Dog

Warning: this one might make you upset if you love animals. A young girl was spending the night home alone and trusted her large dog to keep her company. As she went to bed, she kept hearing a dripping sound. She went to the kitchen to check and see if the sink was still one, but it wasn’t. As she got back into bed, she felt the dog lick her hand reassuringly. The dripping sound continued so this time she checked the bathroom to see if the sink was on. She went back to bed with the dog’s reassuring lick on her hand. Still the dripping sound continued and she realized it was coming from the cupboard. She opened it up to see her bleeding dog with the words “humans can lick too” written in blood on the wall.


The Killer in the Backseat

A woman was filling up her car with gas after a night of cocktails with her friends. It was dark out and she felt alone and on edge. After she went into pay, she noticed the creepy gas station attendant kept glancing at her. She started to get freaked out and rushed to finishing gassing her car. As she walked towards her car, the gas attendant ran out screaming and waving his arms around. Terrified, she ran to her car, locked the doors, and drove away as fast as she could. The gas attendant stopped to yell, “there is a man with a knife in the back of your car!”


Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Turn on the Lights?

After a wild night of partying, a college coed comes back to her dorm. Not wanting to wake her roommate, she doesn’t turn on the light and sneaks in quietly. She notices her roommate lying on her stomach fast asleep and she drifts off to bed. In the morning, she goes to wake her roommate, only to find her lying in a pool of blood with a horrified look on her face. The message “aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light?” was written on the wall in blood.

With Halloween around the corner, these scary urban legends are perfect to scare the pants off anybody and keep them paranoid anything it gets dark. What did you think of these scary urban legends? Do you know of any other scary urban legends? Do you believe these legends are true?

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Lol I played Bloody Mary at all the sleepovers too.

Fudging hate clowns.

These are great. Brings me back to all the things my buds and I use to talk about when we were kids. Neat to realize Supernatural brought a lot of them to the small screen too! Thanks for the share!

Omg! D last one was freaky! :(

Didn\'t read number 5 thank you for the warning :) but OMG number 4 and 6 scared the crap out of me

What about Black Eyed Kids?

I said Bloody Mary three times in front of the mirror but nothing happened

You know, when you say Bloody Mary in the mirror three times and spin, you actually see yourself! But your brain is so disorganized from spinning that you reflection looks like a different person.

I hears different version of the licking dog and in our school apparently there was a girl named Veronica who got killed with an axe on her head in the toilet, if you look in the mirror with the lights on and say Veronica three times she\'ll appear, lights off with all your friends and she\'ll scratch you, lights off alone and she\'ll kill you. We also had Bloody Mary in a little water house, I can\'t remember her story..

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