9 Essential Tools for Paranormal Investigations ...

If you are interested in paranormal investigations then you have, no doubt, noticed a variety of tools for paranormal investigations. It is exciting to watch the footage and hear the audio clips recorded at haunted locations. As you watch and listen it is easy to forget about the work involved to get them. To help you navigate and understand part of the process of obtaining what you see and hear, I give you a list of thirteen tools for paranormal investigations.

1. Digital Sound Recorder

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A sound recorder is the number one on any list of tools for paranormal investigations. A sound recorder is used at a haunted location to record sounds that you may not hear with your own earthly ears. A more technical explanation is that the sound recorder captures electronic voice phenomena, also referred to as an EVP. The sound recorder is not typically used throughout the entire investigation. A better method is to choose a time and location to communicate with spirits.

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