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9 Essential Tools for Paranormal Investigations ...

By Shannon

If you are interested in paranormal investigations then you have, no doubt, noticed a variety of tools for paranormal investigations. It is exciting to watch the footage and hear the audio clips recorded at haunted locations. As you watch and listen it is easy to forget about the work involved to get them. To help you navigate and understand part of the process of obtaining what you see and hear, I give you a list of thirteen tools for paranormal investigations.

1 Digital Sound Recorder

Digital Sound Recorder A sound recorder is the number one on any list of tools for paranormal investigations. A sound recorder is used at a haunted location to record sounds that you may not hear with your own earthly ears. A more technical explanation is that the sound recorder captures electronic voice phenomena, also referred to as an EVP. The sound recorder is not typically used throughout the entire investigation. A better method is to choose a time and location to communicate with spirits.

2 Thermal Camera

Thermal Camera A thermal camera is a handy device for paranormal investigators of all levels. While researching or investigating a location, you are exposed to a variety of light sources. A thermal camera records images while in total darkness. This device is especially helpful as you move from room to room, between light densities, capturing footage of everything around you. With a thermal camera you can capture movement and other indications of other worldly presence that you may miss with the naked eye.

3 LED Flashlight

LED Flashlight Have you seen the ghost hunter show where an investigator invites the spirit to interact with their LED light? And it appears to work? The LED flashlight is a good tool for instigating interaction. Many paranormal researchers invite spirits to turn the LED flashlight off or on in answer to a question. LED flashlights are easy to find and very inexpensive.

4 Walkie-Talkie

Walkie-Talkie As part of a paranormal investigation group you will encounter a variety of haunted locations. Some places will be the size of a simple ranch style home while others will be as large as Waverly manor. No matter the location size, constant contact with other members of your group is key to a successful investigation. Having a pair of two-way radios on hand for your investigations is an important and invaluable asset inyour toolbox.

5 Laser Thermometer

Laser Thermometer Cold spots are a common report from haunted locations. A cold spot can indicate the presence of a spirit. Room temperature is subjective. Bringing along a laser thermometer is a good idea to quickly and accurately pin point the location of an alleged cold spot. Knowing definitively that there is, indeed, a cold spot can help narrow down the best location for an EVP session.

6 EMF Reader

EMF Reader An electro-magnetic field reader can indicate changes in the electronic magnetic field around you. The theory behind this device is that sudden changes in a particular EMF reading are due to the presence of a spirit. Many researchers believe that spirits are able to manipulate the electro-magnetic field. The intentional manipulation of the EMF reading is interpreted as an indication of spirit presence and ability. It is good practice to take EMF readings before, during, and after your investigations.

7 Batteries

Batteries Batteries may be the last things on your mind in regard to paranormal investigations. However, batteries and battery power is an important detail to consider when planning your paranormal investigation evening. There is a common theory among investigators concerning battery life and paranormal activity. Many believe that spirit will use any available, local power as fuel in an attempt to manifest itself. Because of this cameras and other equipment will experience rapid energy decline and require battery replacement. When you are pulling together all your investigation tool kit, be sure to include plenty of extra batteries.

8 Pen and Paper

Pen and Paper Lots of electronic equipment is great. It is a wonderful convenience to capture images and sound via. However, while all the technology is wonderful you still need to compare it against your own personal experiences. While on investigation it is crucial to have a pen and paper handy for all members at all times to record, first hand, your own experiences of any bumps in the night. Later, that pen and paper, and notes will come in handy when comparing your experience with others in your group, and also against the audio and video recordings.

9 First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit Accidents are inevitable. No matter how experienced you are or how much you know about a particular location, you are still fumbling about in the dark. One of the most important pieces of equipment you will own as a paranormal investigator is a first aid kit. Walking about a location at night, you will undoubtedly bump into a coffee table or fall over a potted plant. We’ve all been there at some point - with or without the paranormal investigation. So, keep a first aid kit handy to address any scrapes, cuts, and bruises that come your way.

Reading about paranormal investigation is fun and engaging. However, don't underestimate the seriousness of the task you are about to perform. Do your research! Be sure to document each step along the way and have fun with it! Have you ever done a paranormal investigation? Please, share!

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