7 Fascinating Functions of Dreams and What They Can Tell You ...


Several years ago I had to write a thesis on the various functions of dreams while studying Metaphysics. I've always been interested in dreams because from a young age I frequently had vivid dreams. I've kept a dream journal most of my life to help me further understand the functions of dreams and if they had meaning for my life.

1. Warning

One of the more helpful functions of dreams is that they can be warnings for your waking life. In case you aren't familiar with the term, your waking life is your life when you are awake, when you aren't dreaming. A friend of mine shared how she had an incredibly vivid dream where someone told her that the brakes in her car were out. She woke up with this on her mind and sure enough the brakes in her car needed to be replaced. She was so grateful that she took the dream seriously and listened to her conscience.

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