8 Fun Ways to Foretell the Future ...

By Alison

8 Fun Ways to Foretell the Future ...

Finding ways to foretell the future has been a custom practiced for a millennium. Most people are sceptical that any of them actually work. Still, trying different ways to foretell the future can be fun, and you never know what will happen! So here are some different ways to foretell the future …

1 Runes

Runes are taken from the Viking alphabet and in their earliest form date back thousands of years. Each rune has many meanings and also represents a sound. You can purchase a set, or make your own runes. Simply collect some flat stones, and paint the symbols on them and then varnish the stones.

2 Tarot

Of all the ways to foretell the future, tarot is perhaps the best known. It´s almost mainstream, as far as fortune-telling goes. You can pop into your local new age store for a reading, or pick up a pack of cards and teach yourself how to read the cards.

3 Pendulum

The pendulum is an old, if somewhat limited way of telling the future. Obviously it can really only give yes/no answers. If you want to try it, first work out which direction is yes and which is no for you (it may be either clockwise or counter-clockwise). Then ask your question, and the pendulum will move in one direction or the other.

4 The I Ching

The I Ching is a Chinese fortune-telling method that has been around for thousands of years. You may have heard of it as the Book of Changes. Again, you can easily make your own set of stones, which some people prefer to do as they consider it more personal.

5 Numerology

Numerology has been used by many cultures throughout history. You can work out various numbers based on your name and date of birth, ending up with single digit numbers. Each one has a particular meaning. Try it – it could be interesting to see if you agree with the assessment of your character!

6 Palmistry

Another of the best-known ways to foretell the future is palmistry. We´ve all heard of lifelines on our hands, and have an image of gypsies reading palms. Palmistry is actually more complex than just picking out the lifeline and telling how many children you´re going to have though!

7 Tree Divination

Perhaps one of the more unusual ways to foretell the future is through tree divination. This involves using sticks on which are carved symbols; the sticks are thrown onto a marked cloth, and deductions made according to where they fall. The sticks should be made from particular types of trees.

8 Tea Leaves

If you think of fortune-telling, reading tea leaves is probably one of the first methods that comes to mind. Of course, most tea drinkers use tea bags rather than loose tea these days, which makes reading the leaves a bit difficult! But it could be interesting to have a go if you do like making tea in a pot.

There are lots of ways to foretell the future – or at least, attempt to do so! If you´re curious about your future, and want to try any of these methods, just treat it as a bit of fun. Don´t make important decisions based on what appears to turn up. Have you tried any unusual ways to foretell the future?

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