7 Ghost Stories Supposedly Proven ...

Do you believe in ghosts? I’d like to but I’m still unsure. I tend not to believe in anything that can’t be proven by science or religious doctrine. Here are several ghost stories that claim to have been “proven.” I’m yet to be convinced.

1. Abraham Lincoln

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The Ghost of Abraham Lincoln is said to have haunted the White House right up until extensive remodeling during the Truman administration. Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover and Harry Truman have all claimed to have heard unexplained knockings on their bedroom doors and claim it was Lincoln’s ghost; Calvin Coolidge's wife claims several sitings at the Oval Office window; Eleanor Roosevelt’s maid claims to have seen him sitting on a bed pulling off his shoes; Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands answered his knock at her door and Winston Churchill also exchanged greetings with him. Eleanor Roosevelt and Carl Sandburg, Lincoln’s biographer, both claim strong senses of his presence near the window of the Oval Office whilst the Reagans’ dog refused to enter the Lincoln bedroom and often stood outside the room barking.

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