7 Hauntings in Salem, MA ...


Salem, Massachusetts is my favorite town in all of the United States. I hope to live there someday, but in the interim, between the months of April and November, that's where I spend most of my weekends. I would like to say I know it inside and out, but Salem is a very mystical, magical place, and she doesn't give up her secrets that freely. For the time being, let's forget about all the bewitching shops and even about all the haunted tours. Let me give you the down low on some of the most poignant hauntings in Salem, MA.

1. The Old Burying Point Cemetery

The Old Burying Point Cemetery, also known as the Charter Street Cemetery, boasts many hauntings in Salem, MA. Its rows of stones, some too old to read, some knocked over and broken, some so pristine they may have been erected only a few years ago, each tell stories. If you take pictures there at night, if the moon and the mood are both right, you're apt to get quite the chilling, thrilling surprise – and I actually have proof of that!

The Salem Witch Trials Memorial
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