7 Incredibly Mysterious Places with Unexplained Happenings ...


If you like spooky and weird, you’ll probably love to know some of the mysterious places where there have been some really strange goings on. Ghoulies and ghosties and scary things that go bump in the night are a long way from providing insight into some of these happenings, though they have been investigated thoroughly down the years. Bermuda Triangle? Pah! Get ready to get goose pimples and a tingly spine as we look at some incredibly mysterious places with unexplained happenings.

1. Lake Anjikuni

Unlike most of the world’s mysterious places that boast a disappearance or two, Lake Anjikuni takes it one step further, claiming the disappearance of a whole Inuit village during the early 20th century. According to legend, a Canadian fur trapper sought shelter at a thriving Inuit fishing village that he had visited before, and found everything as it had been during his previous stop over, except the people were gone. What makes the tale even stranger, however, is that the guns, provisions and animals (now dead) were all still there, as if the inhabitants had just disappeared into thin air.

Bigelow Ranch
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