7 Most 💯 Exciting 😁 Things about Halloween 🕸 ...

Some may think that Halloween is not exciting unless you are a kid but they are mistaken because there are plenty of exciting things about Halloween that even older people can enjoy. Halloween is also known as All Hallow's Eve and it is a yearly celebration in a number of countries. Although we still work and have school on Halloween, it is a widespread holiday that many people look forward to in the month of October. So here are 7 exciting things about Halloween that you should be looking forward to.

1. Scary Movies

One of the most exciting things about Halloween is getting to enjoy horror movies! If you are a lover of scary movies there is nothing better than Halloween. Most of the time some of the most anticipated scary movies come out around the time of Halloween so people can join the Halloween spirit and enjoy a movie. Not only that, but even cable channels tend to broadcast spooky and scary shows in order to fit in with the time of the month!