7 Must See Alien Documentaries ...


Alien Documentary movies probably aren’t films you’d watch with your kids or a loved one although, quite honestly, I don’t like watching them alone either. Yes, some of them are pure fiction but then again, some are really though provoking! Now, I don’t know how many of you actually enjoys a good alien documentary so I’ve decided to make a sort of a mix of factual (and for some maybe even boring) movies as well as popular dynamic and creepy films based on true stories. So, if you’ve never watched anything that even closely resembles an alien documentary before, here are some films you could check out:

1. The Fourth Kind


This interesting but creepy alien documentary isn’t as “real” as I initially believed although it isn’t completely fictional either so I’ll definitely mention it as something worth watching. The real element of this story is something CNN called a “string of disappearances" that occurred in Alaska. The FBI has been called to investigate but, as you may guess, found a very logical explanation (bad weather conditions) despite the fact that 9 bodies were never recovered. Interesting, huh? Well, the directors made this topic even more interesting and waaay scarier by turning it into a dramatic mix of supposedly original footage and reconstruction of the events that happened between recording sessions. The story is centered on Dr. Abigail Tyler, a psychologist who decides to use hypnotherapy on her patients hoping that could help them remember strange events and feelings happening night after night and soon realizes she had opened something that can only be described as Alien Pandora’s Box!

Apollo 18
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