15 Paranormal Movies Based on True Stories ...

What could be scarier to watch than paranormal movies based on true stories?! As soon as you see "based on a true story" come up in the beginning of a movie, your scare factor is immediately going to escalate. Normally there's always a little bit of safety you feel after watching something really scary because you know it's not real. However, in the case of these movies...you may be wrong! Here are 7 paranormal movies based on true stories to keep you up at night!

1. The Amityville Horror

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Let's start this list of paranormal movies based on true stories with one of the most popular "true" ghost films most of you may have already heard of. This story has been remade and rewritten many times into many different films, including sequels and even a 3D version! The most recent remake is the 2005 version starring Ryan Reynolds and Chloe Moretz. In both the movie and real life, the DeFeo family was murdered in the Amityville house by one of its own members. Later, the Lutz family moved into the same house and eventually fled in horror after experiencing paranormal activity. The movies are generally based around the book the Lutz family wrote afterwards. However, bits of the movie such as George Lutz chasing his family with a shotgun and Butch DeFeo blaming voices for his murders are both untrue. All the other strange events the Lutz family claim happened won't ever be proven real or not, but they sure do make a great movie!

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