7 Real Life Witches and Warlocks down the Ages ...


With Halloween here, our thoughts naturally turn to all things spooky and I thought it might be interesting to find out more about some real life witches and warlocks. There have been some pretty notorious people branded as witches and wizards throughout the ages and trust me, they didn’t get their education at Hogwarts! Let’s venture together into the strange and weird world of real life witches and warlocks.

1. Agnes Waterhouse

To start off this list of real life witches is Mother Waterhouse, perhaps the most famous witch to have ever lived. She, along with two companions, was accused of partnering with the Devil himself, cursing people with black magic and even murdering with magic. However what made the case so intriguing is that for once it wasn’t the Church accusing Agnes of her crimes – she was sentenced to death by hanging by a secular court. Agnes herself never denied what she was accused of, even going as far as to claim that she had spoken to the Devil and he had told her there was no point in arguing against the verdict, for she was condemned to die.

Tamsin Blight
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