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15 Signs Ghosts Are All around You ...

By Heather

Even if you don't necessarily believe in ghosts, there are signs ghosts are all around you, whether you want to acknowledge them or not. Ghosts are spirits that haven't crossed over yet and while some of the signs ghosts are all around you can be a little inconsequential, sometimes a shadow here or a noise there can't be explained. So, you ready to dive in and see what signs ghosts are all around are out there? Get ready!

1 Shadows

Before I started to really believe in ghosts, I would see shadow people all over the place – or I would see a shadow out of the corner of my eye sometimes, no matter where I was. This is absolutely one of the top signs ghosts are all around you. Shadow people can be dark, light and can be seen anywhere – even if it is just for a second!

2 Orbs in Pictures

Have you ever taken a picture and then, when you are looking at it, you notice it is covered in all of these little orbs? Well, that is one of the signs that there are ghosts all around you. One thing that a lot of non-believers say is that dust or even moisturizer can cause orbs, which is true, but you can tell the difference between dust orbs and actual balls of energy. I know, I've taken a ton of pictures and all of them are packed with orbs!

3 Soft Whispers

Do you constantly hear something whispering in your ear or voices in your head? Sometimes, it can be your imagination, but how often do you hear the voices? Is it a lot? That could be a sign that someone is trying to contact you from beyond the grave!

4 Feelings of Something Watching You

Whenever I feel like something is watching me, but nothing is there, it freaks me out – but then I remember that it's probably just my grandma or grandpa that is watching me. If you have a feeling that eyes are on you constantly, it could be a sign that you aren't alone and that a loved one is keeping tabs on you!

5 Power Drained Instantly from Electronics

I live near Salem, MA and one of the biggest draws for me is the Old Burying Point cemetery. It's a beautiful graveyard that is one of the oldest in the US. Whenever I go there, especially during the night, no matter how charged my phone and camera are, the batteries are instantly drained. When I come out? The battery power goes back up – weird, right?

6 Unexplained Uneasiness

How about your feelings? When you are around a certain area or when you are in a certain room, does it make you feel completely uneasy? Do you have a feeling of nervousness? This is a sign that a ghost could be around you at that moment.

7 Weak Body

Ghosts can affect exactly how you feel and they can drain you of your energy and make you feel completely weak. This has happened to me in Salem before, where I'll be walking around and suddenly, I feel like I need to sit down for a while. Listen to your body and don't try to push past it.

8 Footsteps

If you've ever heard footsteps in your home or someone else's, you may be hearing a spirit. The footsteps can be loud enough to make you think someone real is walking around, or can be so soft you have to stand still and hold you breath to hear them. You might hear footsteps above you or notice them all over the house.

9 Doors OPening and Closing

Have you ever been sitting on the couch and could swear you just heard the back door open or the cabinets in the kitchen slam shut? This is a common complaint of people who feel their home is haunted. Many paranormal investigators have caught doors opening on their own, which might be enough to let you know a ghost is in the house.

10 Sudden Drop in Temperature

The theory is that spirits need energy to manifest and sometimes they do so by sucking the warmth out a room. If you feel a sudden drop in temperature, you may be experiencing a visit from the other side. Sometimes there is a cold spot at a certain point and other times, the whole room gets chillier.

11 Your Pet Acts Strange

Has old Fido ever suddenly growled at nothing or seems to be watching something you can't see? Animals are more in tune with otherworldly phenomena so may notice something out of the ordinary even if you don't. A cat might suddenly hiss and hide for no apparent reason.

12 Things Move

Yes, a glass or book suddenly flying from its resting spot might indicate a ghost, but I'm also talking about finding stuff in weird, random places all the time. Say, you put your watch on your night table every night before bed, but frequently wake up to find it on the bathroom counter. You could have a playful ghost messing with you.

13 Weird Smells

Sometimes a ghost makes it presence known by emitting a smell. So if you suddenly get a whiff of a strange perfume or cigar smoke, there may a spirit nearby. Sometimes ghosts create a sudden unpleasant smell in the vicinity too.

14 You Feel Touched

I'm talking about a full on sensation that someone brushed your arm, grabbed your hair or even pushed you. If you whirl around and no one is there, you might consider the fact that someone from the other world is trying to tell you something.

15 You See an Apparition

There's no more definitive proof that you have ghosts nearby than actually seeing one, right? An apparition differs from a shadow because it looks like an actual person. You'll be able to see its clothing and facial features, though the ghost may be transparent.

Now that you understand that ghosts truly are all around us, what are some of your experiences? Do you have any to share? Give 'em up!

This article written in collaboration with editor, Eliza Martinez

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