7 Spooky Places in Arizona for a Good Scare ...


Creepy entertainment is available at any time of the year from the Alamo in Texas to spooky places in Arizona. The American southwest has a long history of culture and tragedy. If you want a few options of haunted locations to check out then have a gander at my list of spooky places in Arizona. There is much paranormal activity and investigation at any given time of the year. I have created this list of seven locations for you to consider the next time you are in my neck of the woods.

1. Hotel San Carlos

Hotel San Carlos

The Hotel San Carlos tops my list of awesome spooky places in Arizona because of the wonderful architecture and sad ghost story. Built in downtown Phoenix in 1928, the Hotel San Carlos has had many famous guests over the years. However, the biggest attraction isn’t the big names but the tragic story of Leone Jensen. In 1927 Leone jumped from the rooftop to her death. Many guests report hearing her sob and seeing her ghost roam the halls.

Bird Cage Theater
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