7 Spooky Signs Your House Might Be Haunted ...


With all of the different signs your house might be haunted to watch out for, you probably have no idea what is real and what isn't! I know that I've lived in a few houses that have been haunted and I can tell you for sure, there are some signs your house might be haunted you should be aware of. If you've been having problems with weird cold spots or even with random lights turning on and off, you could have some unwanted guests that you didn't even know were there. Take a look below and you'll be able to tell for sure what signs to watch out for!

1. Items Disappearing & Reappearing

Now, this is for sure one of the top things that I had to watch out for when I was looking for signs that my house was haunted. Ghosts sometimes like to play tricks on us and one of the tricks is to hide things that we need – and pull them out of hiding at a later date! If you have items constantly disappearing and reappearing, this is absolutely one of the top signs your house might be haunted that you've got to watch out for!

Unexplained Shadows
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