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7 Spooky Signs Your House Might Be Haunted ...

By Heather

With all of the different signs your house might be haunted to watch out for, you probably have no idea what is real and what isn't! I know that I've lived in a few houses that have been haunted and I can tell you for sure, there are some signs your house might be haunted you should be aware of. If you've been having problems with weird cold spots or even with random lights turning on and off, you could have some unwanted guests that you didn't even know were there. Take a look below and you'll be able to tell for sure what signs to watch out for!

1 Items Disappearing & Reappearing

Now, this is for sure one of the top things that I had to watch out for when I was looking for signs that my house was haunted. Ghosts sometimes like to play tricks on us and one of the tricks is to hide things that we need – and pull them out of hiding at a later date! If you have items constantly disappearing and reappearing, this is absolutely one of the top signs your house might be haunted that you've got to watch out for!

2 Unexplained Shadows

There are tons of reasons for shadows, but do you have a lot of shadows in your house that there are no reasons for? Truthfully, if you are seeing a lot of unexplained shadows in your house and you really, truly only see them for a second, your house could totally be haunted and you might want it to get looked into.

3 Random Noises

What happens if you are sitting completely still and you are the only one in the house and you hear a random knocking? Have you just passed it off as the pipes turning on or something randomly falling over? Well, that could be one of the signs that you are dealing with ghosts in your house!

4 Lights Turn on and off

I've never, ever experienced this one, but I know that it can happen! Lights turning on and off without anyone touching the switch is a surefire way to tell that your house is haunted. Have you ever experienced your lights turning on and off for no reason at all?

5 Constant Feeling of Being Watched

How about when you are in the house alone, do you constantly have a feeling that you are being watched? I used to get this feeling all of the time in my parents' house, and I found out their house is totally haunted! Strange, right? Have you ever gotten the feeling of being watched in your home?

6 Strange Animal Behavior

If you have animals, you know that animals are very in tune with what is going on in your home and what spirits are there. If you are constantly seeing your cat stare at a particular corner or if you are seeing your dog bark at weird things that you can't see, that's one of the signs that your house could be haunted!

7 Weird Cold Spots

Finally, the last sign that you'll have to watch out for is all about cold spots! Do you feel weird and random cold spots throughout your home? Spirits are cold and when they manifest their energy, you'll be able to feel those random cold spots throughout your home!

So, now that you know all of the top ways to tell if your house is haunted, you can check and see if the house you are living in is haunted. Have you ever had any experience with a ghost? Share it!

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