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I like watching horror movies and I probably wouldn’t be telling you the truth if I told you I am not afraid of any of the creatures we see on horror movies. I mean, sure, I am not afraid of the movies – movies never really scare me, because I know that they are all acting. However, if one of those creatures were to be standing in front of me one day, I would probably be afraid of it. In the blog below, I am going to give you the top 7 scary creatures in my opinion …

7. Pumpkin Head

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Have you ever watched the movie Pumpkin Head? Did you get a chance to see that scary old creature on there? It definitely needs to be on this list! Apart from that, I really hope he does not exist in real life, because that is one scary creature.

6. Scary Clowns

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Ever since I watched the movie “It,” I have been afraid of scary clowns. Therefore, I am definitely going to put this on my top 7 scary creatures list. Do you blame me? Clowns are creepy little creatures?

5. Witches

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Oh yes, you can’t leave those scary creatures off of the list. When I am talking about witches, I am talking about those mean old green ones you see in horror movies.

4. Zombies

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Oh yes, there are many zombie movies out there. In fact, I think they are the queen of B movies – I mean, there are tons of low budget zombie movies out there. However, you will still run across your cool zombie movies and games. Either way, if you think of what these creatures are, they are scary. I mean, you wouldn’t see one stand in front of you in real life, without being afraid, would you?

3. The Werewolf

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This is the type of creature that I am afraid of. I mean, does it exist or does it not? Some part of me tells it that it does exist, but then, another part of me tells me that would be silly. Then, I say that anything is possible in this world and that is true.

2. The Goblin

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These creatures were made popular in fairytales. Legend tells us of Goblins hiding in woods, sneaking up on people, playing pranks, lurking around children and sometimes even switching babies with their own evil spawn. There is no denying that this creature deserves to be number two on my list of top 7 scary creatures.

1. Ghosts

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While I am not afraid of ghosts personally, I know that there are many individuals out there that are terrified of this supernatural being. I have always enjoyed ghost stories and movies. I even enjoy encounters. However, I know that because it is believed they exist (I believe they do), people are afraid.

Those are the top 7 scary creatures in my opinion. I am not sure what type of creatures you are afraid of, but I would not mind hearing about them.

Top Photo Credit: Danz in Tokyo

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