7 Facts about Cats ...


7 Facts about Cats ...
7 Facts about Cats ...

I like creatures both big and small. I have always had at least one cat in my house. I can’t think of a time, as a child, when I did not have cats. During the most stressful times in my life, I remember holding a kitty cat and feeling much better. Now, I am no crazy cat woman – I also like dogs. I’m not going to sit here and compare the two together, because they each have their qualities – all animals are unique in their own little way. If you enjoy reading facts on this species, then you are in luck because right now, I am going to give you 7 facts about cats …

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That is a Lot of Kittens

During the year 1952, a record was set. A cat that goes by the name of Dusty had more than four hundred and twenty kittens. She had her last litter of kittens when she was eighteen years old (in human years).



How many bones do you think a cat has in their bodies? They have a total of two hundred and ninety bones in their bodies. For an added fact, they have a total of five hundred and seventeen muscles.


Seasonal Climbers

Cats love seasonal climbing. I remember seeing my cat in the Christmas tree many times. If you have a seasonal climber on your hands, then you should try putting a lemon or orange scented air freshener in the inside of it.


White Cats

While black cats are a symbol of bad luck in America, the white cat is a symbol of good fortune. It is believed that if a white cat is sitting at your door before a wedding, there will be lots of happiness.


In Living Color

Research that was conducted has proven that cats really can see color. Now, don’t you think that is cool?


They See You Coming

If you are one hundred and twenty feet away, then you can count on that feline seeing you coming! That’s right, cats are able to see up to one hundred and twenty feet away. They have peripheral vision that is around two hundred and eighty five degrees.


Purr, Purr, Purr

Why do cats purr? If you have a cat in your home, then surely you have heard him or her purr before. It is a beautiful sound and I remember falling asleep to it at night. Experts have said that they purr when they are feeling any type of intense emotion. They purr when they have pleasure, but they also purr when they feel any pain.

Those are 7 facts about cats. Now, many of you may already know these facts, but some of you may not. I always enjoy reading facts on animals. For cats, there are tons. I recently read 200 facts on cats. I remember reading a big book dedicated to nothing but the feline features. Anyhow, what is your favourite facts on kitties?

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I thought black cats were supposedly bad luck not good luck

And what does this have to do with paranormal topics.....lol :P

I read cats can also hear your footsteps.. That's why they can her you coming because of how heavy your steps are

Why is this in the paranormal section?

That is so fascinating! Thank you for takin the time to write this. :D

Also they use their whiskers to measure dimension to pass trough , to not get stuck

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