5 Paranormal Definitions You Should Know


I have 5 paranormal definitions you should know. I give you definitions on here whenever I can. Read below what I am giving you this week.

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This is a substance that gets magnetized permanently when it is exposed to the magnetic field. You may want to write this down in your journal right now so that you will remember this word.



This word sounds funny when you say it out loud. Go ahead, say it, I won’t laugh at you – I promise. Anyhow, a gaussmeter is a magnetometer whose scale is graduated in kilogauss. Usually, it will only measure the intensity and not actually the direction of the magnetic field.


Geiger Counters

What exactly is a Geiger counter? The word, again, sounds funny – at least, to me it does. A Geiger counter is used to detect any changes in the background radiation. It measures radioactive intensity in milli-Roentgens per hour.



Here is another strange, but serious word. A harbinger. What oh what could a harbinger be? Oh, I know! A harbinger is an individual or a thing that signals or announces when something is approaching. So, will you be my harbinger tonight?



This is a fancy word that I like to use when I am talking about reincarnation. It is just another name you use in place of reincarnation. So, if you were to talk about metempsychosis to any of your friends, do you think they would actually know what you are talking about? Try it now. Go up to them and say “do you believe in metempsychosis?” And see what they will tell you.

Those are 5 paranormal definitions you should know. I really enjoy giving you these definitions and hope you enjoy getting them as much as I do. So, which is your favorite word?

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