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8 People I Want to Meet in the Afterlife ...

By Neecey

Aren’t people fascinating? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to meet people from the annals of history and ask them burning questions? I’m pretty sure that everyone has at least one person they would like to meet up with to find out what made them tick or why they did the things they did. My list might be an eclectic mix but having them all at one dinner party in the clouds sure would be interesting.

1 Martin Luther King

I’d love to know what his thoughts about the race question today. If he hadn’t been assassinated would he have been alive to witness the end of South African Apartheid and how proud would he have been to see the inauguration of the first black President?

2 Adolf Hitler

I think enough people have asked the question why but I’d like to know what he thinks about religious fundamentalists and would he join forces with Osama Bin Laden for the sheer kick?


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3 Marilyn Munroe

Come on girl – time to fess up. Did you sleep with JFK or Bobby Kennedy or both? I have to say I have an innate curiosity about Princess Diana too – I would certainly ask her about her extramarital activities because she may look like butter wouldn’t melt but…

4 Van Gogh

He’s my favourite painter and totally unappreciated in his lifetime when he only sold one painting. I’d love to know what he felt like when his sunflowers sold for $40m, 100 years after he painted it. Would he be able to contain his joy knowing that subsequent sales of his other works feature in the top ten most expensive paintings ever?

5 Glenn Miller

I just want to know what happened to him and the flight that never made it.

6 Cleopatra

I’ve got a few burning issues for this lady. Does ass’s milk really keep you beautiful and if so can I have the patent? Who was better in the sack, Mark Anthony or Julius Caesar and what was it with the snake?

7 Captain Scott of the Antarctic

How does he feel about having led a bunch of worthy men to their deaths across a frozen wasteland only to be beaten to the South Pole prize by a Norwegian rival? Did he know that when Captain Oates said “I’m stepping outside now and I may be gone for some time” that he had no intention of coming back?

8 Golda Meir

I can’t imagine that being President of Israel would ever be an easy job but this remarkable woman was the 4th one. When she became premiere in 1968 the state of Israel was but 20 years old and during her tenure she had to deal with the massacre of Jewish athletes at the Munich Olympics (1972) and the Yom Kippur War (1973). Interestingly, Golda met with two characters later vilified for their actions in public office – US President Nixon and deposed Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu. I don’t have any specific questions, I just want to invite her for tea and a cosy chat.

Well, I guess I’ll just have to keep on imagining the answers to all my questions, the problem is as more great people die I just have more curiosity. For instance when the time comes for Maggie Thatcher, will she share with me just how much she felt betrayed by her cabinet?

Who do you want a one-to-one with?

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