7 Haunted Places in Boston You May Not Visit at Night ...


7 Haunted Places in Boston You May Not Visit at Night ...
7 Haunted Places in Boston You May Not Visit at Night ...

So, I live near Boston, but I had absolutely no idea that there were so many haunted places to visit in Boston. If you're looking for a haunted spot in Boston to visit, you've got to take a look below where I've got all of the top haunted places to visit in Boston that will spook you and make you think twice. So, you ready to see where the ghosts are? Take a look!

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Boston Commons

Oh, how I love the Commons, but did you know that they are haunted? This is actually one of the haunted places to visit in Boston that has extreme paranormal activity! It is said that two women wearing clothes from the 19th century are often seen walking together in the Commons, arm and arm. The weird thing? These women couldn't have been associated with any of the hangings that took place there, because they took place before the 19th century clothing was designed.


Charlesgate Hotel

This hotel is full of tons of stories and while it might not be a 'hotel' anymore, the building still exists. A man actually committed suicide in 1891 with a gun in room 1908 and Putnam (the hotel's architect) himself also died here. While there may have been deaths here, it seems as if the man that committed suicide is the one that left a bad vibe on the entire building.


Emerson Cutler Majestic Theater

What list would be complete without this particular theater? This theater was built in 1903 and the ghost of the former mayor of Boston actually haunts this place. He died during a performance and he still sits in his seat. Another sighting of a couple and their daughter hanging around the balcony has been reported as well. So scary!


Berklee's Mass Ave Residence Hall

Now, I've actually been here and it's so creepy! The story behind this building is all about how a lot of students died in a fire that was accidentally started. Well, those students that died still hang around the building to this day and the alumni can confirm it with sightings of fires and ghosts floating all around the building.


Omni Parker House

Now, I actually had no idea that this hotel was super historical, but after spending a night there, you might not want to stay there again! The building dates back to the early 20th century and it is rumored to have the ghost of Harvey Parker, the founder of the hotel roaming around the hallways. It has been about 20 years since the last sighting, but who knows if you could be the person to see Harvey next! Oh, one weird thing, the elevators actually stop on the third floor all of the time, where Charles Dickens lived for two years, without being called at all.


Fort Warren Prison

There is a lot of crazy stuff that happens in prisons, but this particular prison was full of all sorts of deaths. It was used as a fort all the way up to WWII, but a woman in black is the ghost that has been reported. She was executed as a spy after she was caught trying to help her husband escape. You can take tours here and it is open for a visit!


Boylston Street Station

I had no idea that there was a gas explosion that happened in this particular station and killed about 10 people in 1897. There are ghosts that are said to roam all over the station at night and inside the subway tunnels. Pretty strange huh? I think I will be avoiding this one now.

So, these are just a few of the many stops on the paranormal train for Boston. Have you ever been to any one of these places? Share your experience!

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Keep this post coming .. Love it!

I love my home town! Salem is awesome too!

The Boylston station one is pretty interesting, it does have a creepy vibe.

I really love these paranormal posts!! Please keep doing them

Could you maybe do one about Michigan?

Love itttt :D

I guess I experienced spooky moment at many stations in Boston!

I love posts like this!! Keep these coming

Wow what a coincidence! I'm heading into Boston tonight for dinner! Definitely want to go to one of these places lol

OMG! I'm reading this early in the morning before school and my room is so dark.

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