7 Modern Day Exorcisms to Make Your Spine Tingle ...


If you think modern day exorcisms only exist in the movies, think again. Images of Linda Blair levitating off her bed, head spinning around and speaking in more tongues than the interpreters at the United Nations, are not so very far removed from some of the amazing cases of “possession” that seemingly, only exorcism can cure. I’ve been reading up on some fascinating cases of modern day exorcisms that I just had to share with you.

1. Salvador Dali

According to legend, Salvador Dali is just one of the people who underwent a modern day exorcism. Those who believe Dali underwent the exorcism say that it occurred in 1947, after Dali’s friend Friar Berardi was excommunicated in France. Although there are no written accounts of the exorcism taking place, it is believed that a figure of Christ, which was found in Berardi’s house following his death in the 1980s, was a gift from Dali after the exorcism was performed.

Robbie Mannheim
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