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7 Unsettling Signs That Ghosts Are Very Real ...

By Heather

So, I've always known that ghosts are real; I am pretty sensitive to them and I have the faith, but do you know what signs that ghosts are real you should be watching out for? Have you ever felt a really cold spot in your home that isn't near a door or window – or that hasn't ever been cold before? This is absolutely one of the signs that ghosts are real and that maybe, you should investigate a little more! Not all ghosts are bad, it could just be your loved one checking on you!

1 Random Cold Spots Throughout Your House

By far, one of the top signs that ghosts are real is all revolving around cold spots. These are spots in your house that you've never thought of as cold before … and there is no explanation for it! If you have random cold spots throughout your house, it could be because you have ghosts in your home that are lingering around!

2 Batteries Instantly Drain

I've actually had this happen when I was in Salem, MA, and I was taking pictures at the Burying Point cemetery. My camera was fully charged, as I charged it the night before and I waited until that night to even take it out of my bag. As soon as I started snapping pictures of what I know were ghosts … my battery drained completely! It was so spooky!

3 Random Knocking

What about all of the random knocking in your home? Do you constantly hear banging or knocking on the walls of your house or even on doors? That could be a sign of uninvited guests! Random knocking is a way that the ghosts let you know that they are there and that they are around!

4 Sudden Odors

These odors could be bad or they could be good, it all depends on the spirit that is around you. For example, my grandma always wore a particular perfume – when she passed on, I actually smelled her Chanel No. 5 all around my house, yet I have never even owned a bottle! If it is a bad spirit, the odor could be bad, so beware!

5 Odd Animal Behavior

Your dogs and cats are very, very in-tune with exactly what is going on around them and exactly what energy is out there. If you see your dog constantly following something around with their eyes or perking their ears or even barking at 'nothing,' it could be a sign that you have ghosts! Cats are the same exact way!

6 Orbs of Light in Photos

So, I actually have orbs in every single one of the photos that I take or that I am in. Do you have that? Have you ever seen that? An orb is just a ball of light that hovers and typically, it is a form of a ghost or a ghost that is trying to gain enough energy to become a mist or a vapor.

7 You See Mists or Vapors

The mists and vapors are something that always scare me! I've seen these up close and in a few of the photos that I've taken and it's so, so creepy! Have you ever seen any mists or vapors before?

While you might not think that ghosts are real, it's all about the belief. I have had some ghostly encounters that really make me believe that we aren't alone – what about you? Share your experiences below!

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