9 Unusual Ways to Be Buried ...


This may be a morbid subject matter, but death is inevitable – eventually – and giving thoughts to the way you could be laid to rest, you might be interested in some unusual ways to be buried. If you’re not yet thinking that far ahead, just read on and see what’s happening in the world of funerals, and imagine the options that might be available in 50-80 years time. Here are some unusual ways to be buried.

1. Become a Tree

Reincarnation might not exist, but you can make it happen anyway by turning yourself into a tree. The Bio-Urn is perhaps one of the most unusual ways to be buried because your remains are placed into a biodegradable coconut shell with peat and cellulose. The seed inside grows into a tree. You can choose your tree species and know that when you pass away, you are helping the environment.

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