15 Common Dreams and Their Possible Meanings ...


15 Common Dreams and Their Possible Meanings ...
15 Common Dreams and Their Possible Meanings ...

Looking at common dreams and their meanings can help us gain a deeper understanding of what we are dealing with in our waking lives. Everyone dreams, even if we don’t always remember them afterward. While dream interpretations can change from person to person, many can relate to these common dreams and their meanings.

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Naked Dreams

I figured I’d start off the list of common dreams and their meanings with perhaps the most embarrassing kind – naked dreams. We have all had that dream where we show up to work or class and when we get there, we realize we forgot to put clothes on before we left the house. Usually, a person experiencing a naked dream feels ashamed and embarrassed. A possible meaning of naked dreams is that you have opened yourself up to someone or something and are feeling awkward or vulnerable. Have you experienced a naked dream after telling someone a big secret? An interesting fact about naked dreams is that you’re most likely to have them around your wedding day.


Chase Dreams

Out of every type of dream, chase dreams are the most common. I don’t know about you, but I think chase dreams are the worst; they can be truly terrifying! The meaning behind chase dreams is just what you might expect: you are trying to escape something. You may be trying to escape a person, an event, or even an emotion. If you are having trouble figuring out what is making you feel threatened in your waking life, look to your dreams to see what is chasing you. Sometimes looking at what’s threatening you (it could be a person, a monster, an animal, or something else) can give you some clarity. As with most dreams, chase dreams could also be a replay of a real-life experience. If you have been chased, you could be reliving that moment in your dreams.


Teeth Dreams

Teeth dreams usually involve your teeth falling out, crumbling, decaying, or just simply missing. Every time I have a teeth dream, I wake up the next day in a panic thinking I lost all my teeth. It may seem silly to have a dream about your teeth falling out with the excellent dental care we have access to today. Many dream experts theorize that dreams about losing our teeth have to do with the fear of being found unattractive. We, as a society, tend to value clean and healthy teeth, which could be why our dreams dealing with physical appearance tend to focus on our mouths. At a deeper level, teeth dreams can signify a fear of losing power in your waking life.


Falling Dreams

Many people will tell you that if you are having a falling dream and you hit the ground, you will die. This is simply a myth that I, a frequent dream-faller and ground-hitter, can assure you is not true. While falling dreams may start differently for everyone, they usually end up with you falling endlessly to the ground. It seems that people who experience falling dreams are overwhelmed in the real world and feel as though they have no support. If you are having falling dreams, try to relax and ask for help if you need it. This should put those pesky falling dreams at ease.


Flying Dreams

Flying dreams can be either good or bad. Are you enjoying flying? Do you feel free and like you’re on the top of the world? If so, this can symbolize feeling a great achievement. It can also mean that you have risen above a tough situation or that you have gained a new perspective on life. However, if in your flying dream, you are spinning out of control and having difficulty staying in flight, this can indicate a feeling of powerlessness. Are you hitting trees or power lines in your flying dream? If so, these can represent obstacles you are facing in your waking life.


Test Dreams

The funny thing about test dreams is that they are more common in people who have been out of school for quite some time as opposed to those who are still taking classes. Test dreams can go a number of different ways. The two most common scenarios are that you can’t make it to your test in time or that you get there and are completely unprepared. These nerve-inducing dreams usually represent a feeling of being tested in the real world. Do you feel unprepared in your waking life? If so, this could be the root of your test dreams.


Dying/Illness Dreams

Dying and illness dreams can have a number of different meanings. Sometimes these can be brought on if you are sick in real life. Other times, they can represent a deep, emotional pain. Sometimes they work to warn you of an upcoming danger or risk in your own life. If the dying or illness dream isn’t about you but a friend or a family member, then you might be afraid of losing them or perhaps you wish they would go away. Dying and illness dreams can have different meanings based on what’s going on in your waking life.


Dreams of Spiders

Oh, the dreaded spider dreams! These dreams have a bunch of different meanings, but in general, it's a dream about you being scared (as most people are scared of spiders) and that something or someone is bugging you or nagging you.


Killing/Murdering Someone

Before you think you are weird for having this type of dream, you aren't. This dream actually symbolize your hostility toward someone -- or the desire to want to kill off a part of yourself. It all depends on exactly what the dream entails!



Whenever you have a dream about bodies of water, this can actually represent a new life change or a positive change in something in your life. That is, if the water is calm. If you are dreaming about crashing waves and a typhoon, that could mean that you are feeling overwhelmed by your life and that the change isn't one you want.


Being Trapped

If you are dreaming that you can't get out of something, think about the meaning behind that. It is a reflection of a decision that you can't make or the inability to escape from a choice that you are struggling with!


Being Back in School

No matter how hard we try, you aren't ever going to be able to get completely out of school, especially in your dreams! If you are dreaming about being back in school, this is an anxiety-filled dream. It's a dream that can leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable.


Being Cheated on

When you are dreaming, it is a platform where your insecurities can come into play. This can come out in the form of a dream where you are being cheated on. This is a normal dream to have, but it does indicate that you are worried about your partner two-timing you when you aren't sleeping!



Snakes are something that scare us all, but if you are constantly having dreams about being attacked by a snake or a snake in general, they symbolize a transformation or renewal. Because they shed their skin, it could be seen as a positive omen -- or a negative one. It all depends!


Being Late

This is a dream that I have often and it's a dream that can actually show that you are anxious about work, school or even something that you have coming up! If you are constantly dreaming about being late, it could also mean that you might regret an opportunity that you missed out on or that you are really in need of getting your life in order.

These common dreams and their meanings are meant to be used as a guide to help you understand what might be troubling you in the real world. Have you ever experienced any of these dreams? If so, did the meaning for you vary from the information in the list? Tell us in the comment section, I’d love to hear about it!

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MY daughter Talise had a dream that she was troon across the room by a ghost

I actually have experienced a teeth falling out dream it was crazy I even remember waking up and feeling in my mouth because it felt so real! I do also feel very unattractive lately so it matches up very well!

My mum tells me if you dream about your teeth falling out it means your about to come into some money

I get sleep paralysis. It's awful. As you fall asleep, you suddenly see an hear things and you physically cannot move or scream for help. Last for few seconds or minutes :(

So interesting and helpful!

What does it mean if like, scream, or a scary monster is chasing you down a street?

Naked - To dream that you are naked denotes fear of being found out and exposed over your activities. You feel that you are being misjudged.

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