15 Common Dreams and Their Possible Meanings ...


Looking at common dreams and their meanings can help us gain a deeper understanding of what we are dealing with in our waking lives. Everyone dreams, even if we donโ€™t always remember them afterward. While dream interpretations can change from person to person, many can relate to these common dreams and their meanings.

1. Naked Dreams

I figured Iโ€™d start off the list of common dreams and their meanings with perhaps the most embarrassing kind โ€“ naked dreams. We have all had that dream where we show up to work or class and when we get there, we realize we forgot to put clothes on before we left the house. Usually, a person experiencing a naked dream feels ashamed and embarrassed. A possible meaning of naked dreams is that you have opened yourself up to someone or something and are feeling awkward or vulnerable. Have you experienced a naked dream after telling someone a big secret? An interesting fact about naked dreams is that youโ€™re most likely to have them around your wedding day.

Chase Dreams
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