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8 of My Blogs from the Paranormal Site ...

By Melanie

I have been working on a Twilight/Paranormal blog site for Allwomenstalk for some time now and I have decide that it is time to start letting people know about it! I want you to browse through 8 of my blogs from the paranormal site and read what I have to say. If you do not like paranormal or Twilight, then it might not be for you. However, I believe that everything is always worth looking at. If you enjoy reading my writing, even if you don’t like paranormal, then check out the links below.

8 5 Tips for the Ghost Hunter in You

5 Tips for the Ghost Hunter in YouAre you interested in 5 tips from the ghost hunter in you? If you want to hunt ghosts, then I am going to give you some tips on starting out. There are some things that you need to know before you go out and hunt ghosts. I will tell you some of those things that a beginner will need to know.

7 Witchcraft

WitchcraftIn this blog, I am going to give you 5 Facts on Witchcraft. Say what you want, but this is a topic that has always interested me, ever since I was a teenager. I have decided to give some facts on this topic, so feel free to check it out.

6 Voodoo

VoodooWho do voodoo? Sorry, I just had to say it. In this posting, I am giving you 5 facts on voodoo. If you are interested in this topic or just want to see what I have to say about it, feel free to check it out.

5 5 Reasons to Go into Parapsychology

5 Reasons to Go into ParapsychologyPerhaps you are trying to figure out whether or not parapsychology is a field you should go in? If so, then you should look at my reasons to go into this field. Perhaps, by the end, you will make your mind up.

4 Pagans

PagansPagans are an interesting group of people and I know this by pure experience. If you have an interest for Pagans or you would like to know more about them, then reading this blog is going to help you out.

3 Magical Spells

Magical SpellsDo you want to know more about magical spells? If you do, then in this posting, you are going to learn 5 facts on magical spells.

2 Paranormal Definitions

Paranormal DefinitionsI understand that paranormal definitions may be complicated to understand, especially if you are a beginner. In this, I am going to tell you about 3:33, EMF Detectors and Cryptids.

1 Bella

BellaYes, Bella may be one annoying character from Twilight, but we still love her – right? I think so. What do I find annoying about her? Well, find out by reading my blog posting.

Those are 8 of my blogs from the paranormal site by Allwomenstalk. I see that allwomenstalk is branching out and I am happy to write the paranormal/twilight blogs for them. So, are any of you into the world of paranormal?

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