7 Possible Practical Explanations for Paranormal Phenomena ...


I love a good scare, but I’m also a skeptic and wonder if there are practical explanations for paranormal phenomena. How about you? Have you experienced something you can’t explain? Ghostly apparitions and disembodied voices are reported every day in paranormal news. If you wonder about the validity of these reports or want to understand your own experience, then check out this list of seven possible practical explanations for paranormal phenomena.

1. Bumps in the Night

Resting at home, or asleep in your bed, you hear a bump in the night. Everyone is asleep or you’re the only one home. The sound of rumblings in your home is enough to awaken those instincts of fight or flight. Before you grab a weapon, stop and listen for a second. The sound of rattling pipes, foundation settling, or blustery winds are louder when the noise of day dies down around you, and it's these sounds that are reasonable explanations for paranormal phenomena.

Whispers and Voices
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